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Making travelling plans can constitute complicated and stressful procedures for any ordinary South African! Finding cheap flights in South Africa is certainly tricky and often time consuming and frustrating. This is where we arrive! We are proud to bring you the suited information ensuring you obtain the lowest rate in the country! Here you’ll find the total package – all the flights departing to and from your destination and the capacity to establish flight bookings for domestic , international as well as student flights.

Air travel in Africa only represents for 3 percent of total world-wide air traffic, though a plethora of quality airlines have arisen within the more developed countries, some of which have been running for more than half a century. Along with the changes that have taken place in air travel, is a change that’s occurred within the skies of Africa. There are now a few low-cost airlines in Africa, particularly in the north and in South Africa.

This is not simply alternative website where you can book your tickets and hope for the best. The substantial accuracy around this site is that there isn’t a site like this anywhere out there. You’ve arrived at the right place for the best prices on air tickets, especially if you are running out of time  and fed up with ‘cheap flight’ offers from airlines, which aren’t really cheap at all! Instantly you’ll be able to compare flights at your fingertips! We can guarantee that there’s a cheap flight out there with your name on it!

The low-cost, no-frills airlines listed below are all stable and safe to fly with. Although many people still believe that low-cost airlines are not as safe to fly with as their higher-priced counterparts – particularly so in the continent of Africa – this simply is not true. Cheaper prices in this case come about due to the fact that there are less services on offer, and in addition, these no-frill airlines offer no complimentary meals or refreshments, and they tend to have faster turnarounds than the more costly options.

We are not is not simply passionate about offering you the best deals. We also aim to help you receive the most out of your holiday by presenting you enlightening blog posts about special events and festivals that match your interest. We guarantee to not only find you the best flight deals but we also specialize in accommodation and car hire deals to suit and budget.


You’ll breathe a sigh of relief from the moment you start looking for flights until the instant you swipe your card. We are here to enable you to choose your flight from a list of provided carriers. Flights and their prices are listed in an easy to read format so that, when looking for cheap flights, you simply choose which flight and price is best suited to your budget.

Popular Airlines Offering Cheap Flights South Africa

Negotiating the best deals with some of the very well known domestic airlines such as Kulula, SAA, Mango, and others, is what this agency does for you. Knowing that the agency you found is taking care of everything for you, will get you to breathe easier. They are passionate about getting you cheap flights South Africa at the best prices. What is more, you will be able to make your choice between different carriers like the ones we mentioned, ensuring that it falls in line with your travelling needs and your budget.

Let’s say you are planning to fly to Cape Town from OR Tambo on the last weekend of April as you want to make use of the opportunity due to 1 May 2012 being a public holiday. You decide to go with Mango and go online to only to find that your flight will cost you in the region of R2436.00 when departing at 09h25.

Now imagine the savings you could have experienced if you decided to make use of the services provided by the agency on who’s website you landed, where you get to see some very attractive deals giving you cheap flights South Africa.

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Whether you’ve been browsing through special sites using your smart phone or laptop, and coincidentally came across this wonderful site where all the footwork is done for you to locate cheaper flights or not, Cheap flights South Africa will consistently pull out all the stops to ensure you get the best possible deals.

All this is done online. There is no need to stand in long queues at your travel agency to arrange for the best and cheapest flights in and around South Africa. Why not make use of an agency who have the expertise and the contacts in arranging your flight discounts.

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