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The second largest city of South Africa, Johannesburg is a complete holiday package destination giving the tourist a taste of everything from culture and tradition to outdoor activities for an adrenalin rush, relaxation to unwind themselves, wildlife encounters, vibrant nightlife, swanky restaurants and shopping malls. Book cheap flights to Joahhnesburg and taste the true colours of this South African city. Situated in the sub tropical belt, the city can be visited throughout the year but the preferred months are from May to October to enjoy the sun.


Get a glimpse of the history and culture of South Africa at Soweto. Home to the Apartheied Museum, the largest percentage of blacks live in this area and it speaks volumes about the earlier regimes of the country. It is a popular tourist destination. Get a picturesque panoramic view of the city from the Carlton center, one of the highest points of the country. You cannot miss seeing the Lions when visiting this city and the Lion Park is just the place. Take a self driven tour of this park, touch and feed the cubs and giraffe, see the Zebras and antelopes. It is a haven for the wildlife lovers. The numerous Gold mines in Witwatersrand have earned Johannesburg the name of City Of Gold. A visit to these mines is thrilling and exciting. Book cheap flights to Johannesburg and learn about the historical past through the various museums and galleries like Heactor Pieterson Museum, MuseumAfrica, and the Johannesburg Art gallery.

The cosmopolitan vibe of the city can be seen through the incredible nightlife. From a jazz lounge to comedy clubs, rock music, pop and kwaito, there is something to suit the taste and pocket of everyone. If you are a shopping freak make sure your carry extra suitcases. The swanky malls of Sandton City, the Nelson Mandela square, Rosebank Mall is sure to attract the shopaholics.

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