Port Elizabeth-discover the natural beauty

Popularly known as the Windy City, Port Elizabeth has a sub tropical climate with light rains throughout the year. This coastal city boasts of magnificent beaches, spectacular wildlife destinations, fascinating museums and memorials. Book cheap flights to Port Elizabeth and enjoy the coastal charm of this South African city. The fun in the sun activities of surfing, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling and sailing cannot be missed at the Sardinia Bay, Blue Horizon Bay, Bluewater Bay and the Beachview. The sun kissed beaches of Hobie Beach, Pollock Beach, Kings Beach fringed with trees makes them the perfect play to indulge in swimming and capture the beautiful sight of the setting the sun at the horizon. The best time to visit the city is during the summer months from December to January and be a part of the Nelson Mandela Bay and Eastern Cape Annual events and booking cheap flights to Port Elizabeth adds to the fun.


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City Attractions

It is a paradise for those who enjoy outdoor activities like cruises, diving, visiting the Bayworld which includes an oceanarium, snake part and museum, get captivated with green and lush forests of the Kragga Kamma game park where one can spot the rhinos, cheetah’s, giraffe, bontebok, lechwe roaming about freely. The big seven of the animal world at the Nelson Mandela bay, the great white shark at the Addo Elephant National Park is a delight for the animal lovers. The city keeps safe the rich culture and heritage and is a home to pieces of art which celebrate the life of nelson Mandela-the freedom fighter, memorials like Campanile memorial, Victorian Churches and a lighthouse. The fun doubles with a visit to the entertainment Complex and Boardwalk Casino which house some god eateries, shops, an amphitheatre to keep the tourists entertained. By booking cheap flights to Port Elizabeth you can enjoy a fun filled trip with friends and family.

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