mango-airlinesSouth African Airways has evolved into one of the largest carriers in the African continent and Mango Airlines is possibly one of the economically priced carriers in South Africa operated as well as run by SAA. The mango flights are one of the original inexpensive modes of air travel in South Africa. The Mango Airlines started its operations on 15 November 2006 and rose to heights which enabled it to be utilized by South African travellers who enjoy flying comfortably at unbelievably low prices.

For most travellers, Mango Airlines is the first choice and the main reason for this is the frequent launch of savings schemes which include top selling R1.00 ticket, coupled with a lunch time Happy Hour sell out all through June.

Mango Airlines with their fleet of Boeing planes ensures providing comfortable and economical seats. With a total of six Boeing 737-800 planes the flights of the airline commute from Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth and Lanseria.

The online Mango flight booking offered at this website provides the users a convenient internet ticketing service arrangement. The airline offers a competitive pricing in addition to a host of deals for frequent flyers.

The travel on the Mango flight does not include any refreshments and has to be purchased separately. However, there is an in-flight magazine; a television service provision named Mango TV and all flights offer Wi-Fi services. One always prefers flying with an airline that offers reliability in addition to comfort. These requirements of a traveller are fulfilled by Mango Airline at minimal cost.

The check in baggage allowance with Mango is 20kg per person with a maximum of only two separate baggage items. However, the Mango Plus Guests, can carry 30kg maximum check in baggage allowance, whereas infants are authorised a 10kg free checked baggage allowance. The cabin baggage allowance is limited to 7kg per passenger. Knives, cutlery, toy guns, scissors, blades of any form, syringes, nail clippers and any other sharp instruments that may be used as a weapon are prohibited as cabin baggage in all flights.

When you think of flying with ease, think of Mango Flights or Flymango. Enjoy a pleasurable travel experience with South Africa’s ace airline carrier which redefines luxury flying for its passengers without burning a hole in the passenger’s pocket.

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