south african airwaysOver the period of time, South African Airways has evolved into one of the largest carriers in the African continent. They offer one of the biggest networks of routes within the African continent as well as to destinations outside the region.

The South African Airways was founded in the year 1934 with its headquarters in the Airways Park. It operates a fleet of 54 airline carriers to 38 destinations worldwide. Currently it is operating as a member of the Star Alliance. SAA also owns a low cost airline Mango and is also the official airline of the Association of the Tennis Professionals.

South African Airlines is the official airlines of South Africa and are committed to offering first class services to its passengers. Warm hospitality, finest in flight menu created by known and popular chefs, luxurious airport lounges all these facilities are synonymous with this airline.

As a customer you would certainly prefer flying with an airline you can rely on without any hassle or worry about what is going to happen. You would always look for comfort and relaxation when you think of flying. With South African Airways you can be assured of the first class services, getting everything that was promised in addition to on time arrival and departures. You can always expect for the best from SAA. It is a pride for the country to offer a world class airline which every traveller wants to be a part of.

SAA offers 36 business class seats with a welcome pack, a personal touch screen monitor, a duvet and a pillow and an audio video when demanded by the passengers. You can fly with comfort in the SA airways business class. It offers 186 economy seats.

The South African Airways is amongst the few airlines that operate to the six inhabited continents of the world and to destinations in Europe, North America, Asia, South America, Australasia. On the Domestic front it operates to six cities and to other destinations within the continent its presence is through its affiliates like Mango airlines, Airlink and South African Express.

The check in time of the SAA for domestic flights is at least 90 minutes prior to departure. For the international flights the departure time depends on the destination. Except for the Unites States of America where the check in time is 3 hours before the take off, for all other destinations it is 2 hours before departure. The Baggage allowance of SAA 32 kg for the international flights and for the domestic flights the baggage allowance is 23 kg. It is different if you flying business class with the SA Airlines.

When you think of luxury flying with ease, think of South African Airlines. Enjoy a pleasurable travel experience with South Africa’s ace airline carrier which redefines luxury flying for its passengers.

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