For cheap flights from Durban to Johannesburg you will need to fly from the new King Shaka Internation airport in La Mercy which is about a 20 minute drive up the North coast from Durban. When flying into Johannesburg, you can choose from landing at either O.R Thambo Internationalk airport or Lanseria airport. The Durban to Johannesburg flight route would be considered a major domestic route and therefor most airlines that operate from South Africa will fly from Durban to Johannesburg. If you are specifically looking for cheap flights from Durban to Johannesburg then you will want to consider flkying on one of the 4 low cost airlines that operate within Suth Africa. These are: Mango, Kulula, Velvet Sky and 1Time airlines.

The flight time from Durban to Johannesburg is approximately 50 minutes while the drive time is around 6 hours. Flying from Durban to Johannesburg is such a quick flight that once the airplane has reached cruising altutude, it only flys for about 20 minutes before the Captain is on the broadcaster letting everyone know that he is now beginning the decent.

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